File Formats:

We accept designs from third-party firms or clients submitted as layered Adobe Photoshop files. Please make sure the file is 72-150 dpi, and in RGB color mode. Please indicate and/or send any fonts used in the design.

DO NOT send artwork composed in PowerPoint, Word, Illustrator, InDesign, or Quark Express, or as a flat PSD or flat JPG.

Although we can work with just about any format, our preference for logos is vector: Adobe Illustrator. Please convert all fonts to outline, or include them when you send your logo file to us. PDFs are also acceptable, as are high-res (300+ dpi) JPGs or TIFs. Low-resolution files are more difficult to work with, and may result in a less-than-optimal finished product, or additional production time to rework the logo.

Identity Assets:
Please Zip or Stuff your font files used in your production-ready designs. Indicate any Pantone, CMYK or RGB color values for your logo or additional assets. If you have a style guide, please send that as well.

If you have printed assets or for-print files that you'd like us to reference, please send in PDF format, or mail us a hard copy.

How To Send Design Files:

  • FTP: We can provide you with FTP information and instructions to upload your files directly to our servers. Please contact us for this option.
  • Dropbox: You can submit a file directly to the WSD dropbox account.  If you choose this option please prefix the name of your files with your website name and notify the member of our team you are working with. Click here to upload files to DropBox
  • Email: We don't recommend sending files via email, unless we have specifically instructed you to do so. Artwork files can be very large and put unnecessary strain on email programs and server loads. However, email is fine for sending individual assets, like logo files and JPGs to be placed on your site.
  • YouSendIt: A third-party service like is great for getting large files to us. It's free, and simple to use.
  • Mail: If mailing hard copies or digital files (on a CD-ROM, please), send to:
WebSight Design, Inc.
ATTN: Creative Director
3020 Bridgeway Avenue, No. 317
Sausalito CA 94965